About Us

BAYAD CENTER is the Philippines' pioneer and leader in the Outsourced Payment Industry.  Now, more than ever, we continue to blaze the trail in the industry by providing a dependable bills collection solution to its corporate partners, franchisees across the Philippines and now an online offering to the public and the OFW a reliable and convenient bills payment service solution.

This portal allows you to continue to support your families addressing their billing needs as easily as making payment at a local Bayad Center in the Philippines, and without the hardships the OFW would otherwise face in finding time from work or an office to make remittance payments especially during public holidays or out of office hours. 

Finally, our goal is to continue to offer you a service and experience that makes life easier for you, the fabric of our society, therefore should you have any suggestions on how we can improve our services, please feel free to use the submission form on this site - we welcome your thoughts and inspiration to guide us in providing even better services.



Our commitment here at BAYAD CENTER is to further develop payment collection for the benefit of our biller partners, our franchisees and our customers both domestically and internationally.


Commitment to our biller partners
For our biller partners, we commit that we shall process the bill collection entrusted to us in an efficient, reliable and accurate manner.  Partnering with the Bayad Center is like having us part of your supply chain, leveraging on Bayad Center's economies of scale, scope and expertise.
Commitment to our franchisees
For our franchisees, we would like to see your growth and continued profitability as we venture into opportunities mutually beneficial to both our businesses.  We will support your investments through training, marketing and consulting services.
Commitment to our customers
For our customers, we shall maintain the highest level of security and convenience.  Paying at the Bayad Center or online, is like paying straight to the business centre or branch office of your billing company.
With over a decade of service, we ensure that our customers will continue to experience a payment service that is both reliable and convenient.
Bayad Center has been, is and will always be your dependable partner, your kapitbahay na parating handang tumulong.
This is our commitment. 



Our Vision
We are a global organization and the undisputed leader in transaction-based services preferred by institutions and their customers.


Our Mission
To offer the widest and most efficient range of transaction-based services in the largest geographical area possible.



We uphold sincerity in our commitment to provide excellent service.

We are consistently at the forefront of creating change by being open to new ideas through the development of new services for our stakeholders.

People Orientated
We establish good relationships with people by keeping their interest in mind and in heart.


We are passionate in providing excellent service.

We can be depend upon in delivering what we have committed.


We actively respond to challenges and changes in the business environment.



BAYAD CENTER:  Blazing the Trail in the Industry
The BAYAD CENTER business model is the first of its kind in the Philippines: concurrently providing a dependable payment collection solution to its corporate partners, creating business opportunities for its franchisees and offering the public a reliable and convenient bills payment collection service.  As the pioneer, BAYAD CENTER has defined and set the Outsourced Payment Collection Industry.

The BAYAD CENTER was originally known as the Payment Collection Service, a division of Corporate Information Solutions, Inc. (CIS) established in May 1997.  In 2006, BAYAD CENTER has spun off from CIS to become the CIS BAYAD CENTER, INC (CBCI).  A year later, as part of its mission to be present in every possible neighborhood in the country, CBCI transitioned into a franchising organization.

In March 25, 2008, CBCI was awarded the "Investor in People" (IiP) certification by the People Management Association of the Philippines and the UK-based IiP Quality Center.  This coveted global recognition honors CBCI as a company that nurtures the development of its employees side by side with its own corporate growth.

BAYAD CENTER is now the leading brand in the over-the-counter multiple bills collection business.  It proudly provides the public a worry-free payment collection service for organizations in the following sectors; utilities, government services, telecommunications, cable TV, internet, insurance & pre-need, healthcare, transportation, electronic wallet, credit card, real estate, financial services, arts & entertainment, columbary, memorial park and charities.